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Gutter Protection System

The Four Seasons Gutter Protection System > a fully tailored gutter protection system to suit your particular roof.

Our gutter protection mesh’s can be installed during the construction of a new building or at any time afterwards on existing buildings.

Four Seasons Gutter Pro has developed 3 proven and effective gutter protection mesh’s.

1. Continuous Control Flow Mesh

Four Seasons Gutter Pro has created a superior mesh that will capture 100% of rain water forcing the water to enter your gutters and flush the gutter system clean of fine dust. Failure to flush the dust/sludge away has in the past allowed mosses and lichens to grow through the mesh blocking the gutters. With our continuous control flow mesh this does not occur (we have created a better mouse trap).

The continuous control flow mesh has a longer life and is considerably stronger than previous meshes. The system has been proven to eliminate 99% of leaf and pine needle debris.

The continuous control flow mesh is manufactured from non-toxic materials ensuring food safe quality when harvesting drinking water. No cross contamination of the water will occur.

The Superior Free flow system is exclusive to Four Seasons.

The Four Seasons continuous control flow Gutter Mesh design incorporates:

  • A large selection of colours are available ensuring the system colour coordinates with your home
  • Directional strips on the top and under side of the mesh giving extra strength and longevity to the mesh
  • Angled directional strips ensure water is directed into your gutters and not off the roof
  • The raised upper surface lifts debris from the face of the mesh, allowing a sliding effect and air movement to remove debris from your roof
  • Colour bond trims, matched to the colour of your gutters, which also gives extra strength to your gutters.

20 years guarantee

2. Maxi Mesh

Four Seasons released the new Maxi Mesh in 2009 as a result of the Australian Black Saturday Fires. The Maxi mesh has a minimum 15 year life, the colour coating is not expected to fade for this period. The system has been proven to eliminate 99% of leaf and pine needle debris.

The Maxi mesh is manufactured from aluminium and non toxic materials, the coating is an Epoxy Resin coating that is baked on in a similar manner to Powder Coating, no lead is used in the application of the coating. No cross contamination of the water will occur.

The tough durable aluminium mesh is Fire Rated “0”, the highest rating possible.

“Blue Scope Steel recommends the only metal material that should be used when applying any metal fittings to a blue scope roof is Aluminium.”

15 years guarantee

3. Multi Mesh

The Multi Mesh gutter guard is our entry level product. It utilises the original mesh design enhanced with features from our premium product. It is made from commercial grade polyethylene and available in a wide range of colours.

12 years guarantee

Widths of mesh available:

  • 300mm Traditionally Corrugated and deck roofs.
  • 500mm Traditionally Tile and Slate roof, boxed gutters.
  • 680mm Wider commercial gutters and Swiss tiles, Hidden gutters, parapet walls.
  • 1000mm Special needs commercial and valleys.

Gutter Mesh Fixtures & Fittings

Currently we use three types of screws for the following applications:

  • Stitchen Screw – used in securing the colourbond roof clips
  • Hex Head with Neoprene washer, used in clip lock roofs
  • Wafer – wafer screws are used in the securing of the trims to the gutters
  • All screws used meet Australian Standards AS3566, class 4. All screws have an estimated 40 year life
  • Trims – Trims come in the full colourbond range and are used to secure the mesh to the top of the gutters, the mesh fits under the trim and is secured with the wafer screw. Trims come in length of 2.0 metres by 15mm wide and 10mm deep, either with 90° or 15° fold dependant on whether the installation is a concealed gutter
  • Sealant – Four Seasons uses the HB Fullers range of roof sealants designed to last 25 years, the sealant can be obtained in various colours, however the primary colour used dries as a clear transparent coat, this better suits high visibility installations
  • Roof Clips – Our Four Season roof clips are made from 0.55 colourbond high tensile steel. The roof clips are available in the full colourbond range, to match the continuous control flow mesh colours. The clips have a bevelled front to minimise retention of leaf debris.

Gutter Guard Products Colours

Our Four Season gutter guard products come in a wide range of colours which is constantly being updated to suit every home or building style. Visit our gutter guard colours page to see our wide range.

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